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Bible applications for *n*x

  • SWORD Project - a library for bible applications with many bible, lexicon and commentary modules. Projects using it:
    • Cheatah - a fast Gtk GUI to the sword project, including searching. Useable but not featurericht (included with sword).
    • BibleTime - features: KDE required, MDI, WYSIWIG html comments, search in multiple modules (text), graphical search analysis, printing.
    • Gnomesword - Gnome bible application with many features.
    • Irenaeus - ncurses text interface to sword. Multiple views and search, but still alpha and buggy.
  • The Bible for Linux Project - A list of some bible programs for linux.
  • BRS - Bible Retrieval System, commandline based. Used by:
    • TkBible - a simple Tcl/Tk bible with search capability.
  • xbible - a simple XForms bible with search capability. Last update: 1999.
  • BibleTech - program for viewing and search the bible, comes with KJV. Motif and cmdline based version. Unmaintained.
  • bible-kjv - a bible program for debian linux (KJV included).
  • del.icio.us' linux bible links

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