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This is an unofficial Debian / Ubuntu repository. In the past it has contained packages for dillo, DSSI and other music programs; now some music-related packages I work on are available.

To be able to install these packages, add one or more of the following lines to your /etc/apt/sources.list, and install the packages you want (sources are available with deb-src).

     # Musical MIDI Accompaniment (MMA)
     deb sid mma

     # New portmidi package
     deb sid portmidi

     # All packages available here
     deb sid all

For Ubuntu Hardy, replace sid with hardy and you're set.

For developers, there are instructions for building DSSI packages (but probably outdated by now).

Warning: these packages have not undergone the thorough testing that is common in the land of Debian stable. Strange things might happen, but it's not likely. You may report bugs of course, but do it to me, not the debian bug system.